Care Bear

April 20th – CountryGuyMN


Meet Nathan Hemmelgarn aka CountryGuyMN, this week’s Featured Care Bear! Learn more about Nathan and his Care Bear story below.


Where are you from? Farmington, MN

What was the very first Carrie Underwood song you heard? Besides all of her American Idol performances it was ‘Inside Your Heaven’

How many years have you been a Carrie Underwood fan? Since she won American Idol in 2005

How many Carrie Underwood shows have you been to? 25

What is the farthest you have travelled for a Carrie Underwood show? Drove from MN to NYC!

What is one thing that sets you apart from other Carrie Underwood fans? Not sure what sets me apart from everyone…. I feel like when we see each other at shows we all share our stories and our passion for country music and our girl Carrie! You become instant friends with these people because we share this passion together!!! And I love that all the members in this fan club see that… I have been in other fan clubs that the community doesn’t get along… they’re rude and it’s like a competition with everyone… which I don’t know why…. this is the only fan club I have been apart of since the day it started!! We all love Music, Country, and Carrie….. we all just come together as one and have a good time!!!! 💖

Tell us your favorite Carrie Underwood related story: Long story short. I had a best friend growing up! Her and I did everything together all the way up to high school. We graduated and lost touch… 4 years go by and we were at a mutual friends bday party and I went to go pay and my Carrie fan club card fell out of my wallet. She was like SHUT UP I’m in Carrie’s fan club! And since then we have been taking road trips to see her shows and picked up from where we left off! CARRIE BROUGHT THESE TWO SMALL TOWN BESTFRIENDS BACK TOGETHER!! I’ll be forever grateful for that!! 💖

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