Featured Care Bear

August 8th – Olivians123


Meet Olivia this week’s Featured Care Bear! Learn more about Olivia and their Care Bear story below.

Where are you from? Baltimore, MD, USA

When did you join The Official Carrie Underwood Fan Club? April 2018

What are the top 3 songs you are hoping to hear on The Cry Pretty Tour 360? Ghosts On The Stereo, Something In the Water, Jesus Take The Wheel

Tell us your favorite Carrie Underwood memory: My favorite Carrie memory would have to be The Storyteller era, it was the time I rediscovered Carrie and her music and have been a Care Bear for life ever since!

What is your go-to Carrie-Okie song? Choctaw County Affair! It’s so much fun!

What is the best part about being a Carrie Underwood fan? The best thing about being a Carrie fan is that we have Carrie to look up to, and that we are fans turned friends and that is amazing!

What is your favorite song from the Cry Pretty album? Love Wins

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