Featured Care Bear

June 27th – StoryTeller92


Meet Amos this week’s Featured Care Bear! Learn more about Amos and their Care Bear story below.

Where are you from? Colorado Springs, CO

When did you join The Official Carrie Underwood Fan Club? July 2018

What are the top 3 songs you are hoping to hear on The Cry Pretty Tour 360? Love Wins, So Small, Spinning Bottles

Tell us your favorite Carrie Underwood memory: My favorite memory is when she came to Colorado Springs in 2016 and sang Something in The Water. I really relate to that song. Sometimes you wanna give up on faith, but before you know it God is there to pick you up and make you strong.

What is your go-to Carrie-Okie song? Jesus Take the Wheel

What is the best part about being a Carrie Underwood fan? She truly loves her fans, and her fans love her back. To me this is more than a fan club. This is a family of strong people, who come from many different walks of life.

What is your favorite song from the Cry Pretty album? Do I have to pick one? I really like Love Wins, and Spinning Bottles.

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