Featured Fit52 Care Bear

October’s Fit52 Care Bear of the Month – Kristen


Congratulations to Kristen, this month’s winner of the FIND YOUR PATH Photo Contest! Learn more about Kristen’s journey to finding her path below.


Healthy lifestyle anthem: “Choctaw County Affair”

What is your favorite part of Carrie’s new book, FIND YOUR PATH?
Honestly, my favorite part was getting to see so many new pictures we’ve never seen that give us a glimpse into her path, her family life, and her business life. I loved the recipe she shared for the “Nicecream!”

What advice do you have for other Care Bears that want to find their path?
Pave your OWN path! Make it a small goal that’s achievable to help motivate you. Then CRUSH that goal and keep going! Don’t lose hope or get discouraged when something doesn’t go as planned. Do this for you and no one else!

Thank you for sharing your journeys to finding your path! We loved celebrating your accomplishments as you live the Fit52 Life.

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