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September’s Fit52 Care Bear of the Month – Lindsey


Congratulations to Lindsey, this month’s winner of the FIND YOUR PATH Photo Contest! Learn more about Lindsey’s journey to finding her path below.


Healthy lifestyle anthem: “Renegade Runaway”

What is your favorite part of Carrie’s new book, FIND YOUR PATH?
My favorite part of Find Your Path was learning about how to make healthy swaps in my daily life. It showed me how my wellness is affected by the food I eat and how it doesn’t have to be a grueling task to eat healthily. It also gave me great tips on how I can always incorporate more fitness into my life.

What advice do you have for other Care Bears that want to find their path?
Start by making little swaps in your life that will enable you to live a healthy lifestyle. Whether it involves you food choices or your fitness goals, it is possible. Take any opportunity to be active because in the end it will benefit you and it will make you a better person for the people around you.

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