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Cast your vote for the new Moderators!


Cast your vote to help us choose the next group of moderators on the message boards!

Out of all the great submissions we received, we selected the 10 most promising entries for members to vote on. The top 5 candidates with the most votes will be chosen as the new moderators. Voting starts today and closes on Wednesday, September 18th at 10AM PDT // 12PM CDT // 1PM EDT, so be sure to cast your vote now!

How to vote:

  1. Review the essay submissions below and select who you think would be a great moderator.

  2. Go to and find the moderator poll on the right hand side of the page (you must be logged in to vote).

  3. Select a username and click “VOTE”

Please note that voting is open to members only and each member can only vote once. The top 5 winners will be posted after the poll has closed.

  • someheartsx34
    In order to be a good moderator I feel you need to have a good relationship with the rest of the fans. I have been in this fanclub since the beginning and am well known by many of the members. I have had the opportunity to build friendships with them and even help some of the fans out.
    I am currently a student studying music business at belmont university so being able to help people in the music industry is something I am passionate about. I love this fanclub and I think I have a lot to offer to it and the fans.

  • CaRRiEsMyGal4EvA
    I’ve been in a management role at work for the past 6 years and even though I have been a true Carrie Underwood fan from day #1 I know when some people cross the line. I started the Carrie Underwood Fan Club Volunteering event, I organize Fan Club members to volunteer at Second Harvest Food Bank every June during CMA Fest to help make a difference and “Change” this world.
    I admire Carrie for everything she has done to change this world and make it a better place. I like to think that through her fans she really has changed this world for the better.
    Rules are made for the safety of everyone and I respect that and hope you’ll give me the opportunity to help keep the Carrie Underwood Fan Club a safe place for us all.

  • idolcarrie
    I think that I would be best fit to be a moderator of the Official Carrie Underwood Fan Club boards because I absolutely love Carrie Underwood, interact with so many of her fans, and I also have experience.
    I became a fan of Carrie’s during her American Idol audition and have become more dedicated each and every day. Being a moderator, I will always put Carrie first on this site and will always think what is best for Carrie.
    I’ve come to interact with a lot of Carrie’s fans here on the Fan Club, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and some of I’ve gotten to meet. I think it would be an awesome opportunity to represent Carrie and her fans by being a moderator on her Fan Club.
    Lastly, I kind of have experience in “moderating.” I run a Facebook fan page for my favorite baseball player and I’ve had a ton of fun doing it for the past 4 years.
    I think I should be picked to be a new moderator because I will make sure that the Fan Club is a true representation of Carrie Underwood and her biggest fans.

  • ShaynaJ
    Any good moderator of any fan club or board has to be able to not only use their own discretion when tackling issues that may present themselves, but also the ability to work as a team with other people. The Carrie fan club is no different. This fan club is a place to welcome new members into the Carrie family, but also to make older ones still continue to feel right at home. Carrie herself still frequents the board and more than anything, its a place for her fans to connect with her in a way most people don’t get to. I’ve helped run and set up a few boards over the years, and I actually was also a moderator here a few years ago. I have experience and I know how to get around the board, and how to use all tools provided. I know a lot of members and people still come to me and ask me questions sometimes, so I think my knowledge may be an asset to a new team of mods. I also help run one of the larger Twitter Carrie fansites so I know my way around social media and could also help connect with fc’ers there with any questions regarding the fan club. I have the time and the dedication already and am more than willing to put forth a huge effort to help the boards run smoothly. Above all tho, my main reason of taking the time to submit my application for a moderator is for what we’re all here for, and thats Carrie. She’s a role model to many of us, and even something as small as helping run a message board is considered an honor in return of how she’s changed my life for the better. Keeping the fan club a fun and great place for fans and Carrie is what its all about and I would be love to be chosen to get this opportunity.

  • VTHeartsCarrieU
    Hello, I have been a dedicated member for all 7yrs of the fan club and have nothing but the utmost respect and love for Carrie and her career. I believe that the message board should be run in that very same manner. I am self employed and work at home so I would be able to put in the time that is required to make sure that the board runs as smoothly as possible and is nothing but respectful to Carrie and to each other as members. I have enjoyed the many years of voting, requesting and promoting Carrie and her career and also getting to know the members as well. I’ve also spent quite a bit of my time here being helpful to other members who were new to the site or had questions about how the site runs, how to navigate it, etc. I feel truly blessed to have met some amazing fans who enjoy the same things that I do. I would consider it an honor to serve Carrie and the fan club members in this capacity. Thank you for your time and consideration when choosing the 10 finalists. Have a wonderful day!

  • Rachel
    I would like to become a moderator because I am frequently on the message boards and have clear understanding of the representation that Sparkart wants to portray on the Fan Club site. I am a longtime fan of Carie and would like to fill a greater role within the CU community. I would be happy being a quiet observer of what is going on within the forums and monitor it appropriately. Furthermore, I would be a good moderator because I am an educator and am trained in ways of moderating different situation. I would really like to be a moderator and contribute to the CU community in a greater capacity.

  • cynholland
    My name is Cynthia Holland. My member name is cynholland and I have been an active member since year one of the Carrie’s fan club. I always enjoy receiving the latest news from the Official Carrie Underwood Fan Club, blogs from Carrie, reading threads posted by members in the message boards, and communicating with other fan club members in the forum.
    I am confident that I will be a great addition to the moderator team because I have a genuine passion for supporting Carrie Underwood. I have previously served as a fan club moderator from June 2008 to February 2009, during the “Carnival Ride Era”. During that time, I worked on a moderating team that established a positive reputation among fellow members and maintained integrity on the fan club site.
    I have a fifteen year background in working in communications and public relations within my local government. I am responsible for all media and press releases, communicating with other agencies and departments throughout the city, and planning special events. I have strong written and verbal communication skills which I feel will be a valuable asset to Carrie’s fan club.
    As a faithful fan club member, I continually search the forums during the day. Throughout the past seven years, I have communicated effectively with the fan club administrators, moderators, and members. I have a positive reputation within Carrie’s fan club and am well-respected by other members.
    I have a very flexible schedule which will allow me to effectively monitor this site at various times throughout the day. Thanks to modern technology, I travel with mobile devices, so I always have easy access to the fan club site.
    As a moderator, I will follow the standards and guidelines set forth by the fan club administration and protect the integrity of the Official Carrie Underwood Fan Club. I will be protective of Carrie Underwood, her family, her crew, and her interests with 19 Entertainment, Sony/BMG, Arista Nashville, Sparkart, and Clique.
    It would be my pleasure to serve a term as moderator for the Official Carrie Underwood Fan Club. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing the contest results.

  • CarrieFan211
    I think I should be a moderator for the Carrie Underwood Fan Club, because I am one of the biggest Carrie Underwood fans there is. I know everyone on this site feels that way, but I’ve been following Carrie’s career since her American Idol audition. Ever since her American Idol days back in 2005, I’ve been a loyal and dedicated fan. She is my all-time favorite singer and I’ve been a big supporter of hers for over eight years now. I joined the fan club when I could finally afford it, and I’ve been a member for three years now.
    In addition, I post on the message boards and am familiar with the appropriate decorum for what is acceptable online behavior. I also post on other message boards, such as other Carrie Underwood and American Idol focused sites. I’ve spent plenty of time on message boards, so I know what the typical responsibilities of a moderator is. Moderators must keep watch on the discussions to make sure everything is on topic and that no rules are violated. Moderators are responsible to make sure posts are respectful and nothing gets out of hand.
    Thank you for the opportunity, and I hope you consider me to be one of the moderators for the Carrie Underwood Fan Club. As a huge Carrie Underwood fan, it would be a great honor to be one of the moderators for her official fan club.

  • carrieunderwoodfan11
    Thank you for the chance to become a moderator for the fan club message boards. As a fan of Carrie from the beginning, I have enjoyed following her career and look forward to the exciting projects she has in store for the future. Since becoming a member of the fan club back in March of 2007, I have wanted to become a moderator but decided to wait until I graduated from school so I could devote enough time to effectively help moderate the boards.
    As a moderator, I would make sure that rules are followed and that everyone is treated equally and fairly. I believe it is important that all members can express their opinions and make statements about any subject as long as it is within the message board rules. Also, I would do my best to keep forums organized without duplicate posts and that the content of posts is clean and respectful. Most of all, I would help my fellow moderators to keep the message board fun and welcoming for all who entered so that they would keep coming back to support Carrie and her music. Carrie is my favorite singer and it would be an honor to be a moderator for the best fan club in the world.

  • undrwdrox95
    Though I don’t post on the fan club as often as others, I have been a member since year two (one year on a previous account, and five years on this account), and I visit the message board frequently without posting. I have also very active in communicating with other fans and supporting Carrie on other social networks. Some of my Carrie friends and I came up with the idea to buy Carrie an award to express how grateful we are for everything she does for us. Those people, as well as people who couldn’t contribute to the purchase of the award, also wrote short thank you notes to Carrie. Overall, I recruited over 100 people to help me with this project, which we presented to her at the 2013 fan club party!
    While it is evident that projects like that, supportive tweets, voting, etc. are great ways that fans can support Carrie, one overlooked thing is the moderation of the Official Fan Club message board! Without great moderators, the message board would not be a fun and safe place for Carrie and the fans to visit.
    A lot of fellow fans have expressed appreciation for me always being willing to answer questions and help people out, so I would love to be able to not only be able to help and support Carrie on other sites, but on the message board as a moderator as well! I used to own the Carrie fan site, and part of my job as the owner was to be an administrator and moderate on the CarrieHQ message board, so I have plenty of moderating experience! The CarrieHQ message board was a very safe environment for all of its members.
    I feel that as a younger member of the fan club (I am 18), I would be able to set an example for other younger members. The earlier someone learns rules, the easier it is to continue to follow them, and I definitely think that if younger members see me behaving appropriately with my leadership position, then they will follow my example since I am closer to their age! This would lead to an overall better environment without anyone even having to break any rules before learning proper message board etiquette.
    When the last moderators were chosen, I was bummed that I was under 18. I am so grateful for another opportunity to become a moderator. I believe I am someone who is best fit to be a moderator, and I would be honored if I was chosen for the position.

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